Non-Cheesy Ways to Decorate Your Home With Vacation Keepsakes

Try some of these stylish decorating ideas for special trinkets and mementos from your travels.
  1. Upholster Furniture

    Photo by The Knot

    Display local linens like tea towels in an unexpected way: upholstered footstools. These vintage ones were shown at an art installation at the Linden Gallery in Melbourne.

  2. Creatively Display Sand

    Photo by The Knot
    Love the beach? Show off your travels with a trophy wall full of sands from the beaches you’ve visited. Jamie Diersing, cofounder of Egg2Cake, has a collection of sand bottles (93!) from around the world that she started over 15 years ago.
  3. Frame Local Maps

    Photo by The Knot
    Free tourist maps can double as DIY wall art. Once you’re home, simply frame the maps and hang them on your wall like Melissa, author of the blog The Inspired Room, has done. Keep adding to your collection with all the places you visit.
  4. Group Trinkets

    Photo by The Knot

    If pictures alone can’t capture the feel of a place, display more tactile items in apothecary jars. Re-create a mini beachscape in your home with a collection of shells and sand. Or elevate simple hotel soaps to a work of art by grouping them inside larger jars.

    PB classic glass apothecary jar, $39-$69,

  5. Make a Shower Curtain

    Photo by The Knot

    Create a mural-size memory that will brighten your bathroom.

    Custom stall curtain, $149,

  6. Create a Display Case

    Photo by The Knot

    Larger souvenirs can take center stage (and serve as a conversation piece) when displayed inside a glass-top coffee table.

    Shadow box, old window coffee table optional light, $290,

  7. Collage Paper Memorabilia

    Photo by The Knot
    The simplest items, like ticket stubs or train schedules, can trigger fond memories of your travels. Rather than tucking these items away, Rachel Meeks, author of the blog Small Notebook, framed a collage of paper memorabilia from a trip to Paris.