Valentine's Day Reinvented

  1. Valentine’s Day is only a few days away! And of course, an expensive dinner, roses and chocolates come to mind -- but we say it’s time to bust out of the Valentine’s Day rut and reinvent these classic cliches into something much more personal and memorable!

    Breakfast in Bed

    Ditch the overpriced and over-crowded candlelight dinner and surprise your SO with a tray full of his or her favorite goodies. We're talking waffles, pancakes, French toast...the works!

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  2. Ditch the Disposable Card

    Ditch the generic and cheesy card from the drugstore and instead make your honey a photobook of the last year of your relationship (start a tradition!). It’s a much more meaningful way to kick off the day than a read-and-toss card. All you have to do is log onto where you can drag and drop your prized photos into a virtual book.

    Photobooks, from $5.99,
  3. Instead of Red Roses

    Just because you want to give her roses, that doesn’t mean you have to drop a couple hundred dollars at your local florist -- we say mix it up! One of our favorites is to give her everything she needs to enjoy a rose-scented bath! Look at this great gift set from Sabon that includes rose bath salt (with real rose petals!), a bath ball with rose petals, and two slices of soaps that are both enriched with rose oil. And the best part? It’s under $50! Extra points for drawing her a bath complete with candlelight!

    Bath set, $41,

  4. Instead of a Box of Chocolates

    Chocolate is always a favorite Valentine’s gift for both him or her. Instead of giving your loved one a generic box of chocolates, we say go for a sexy gift that you two can enjoy together -- like this fondue set from Sur La Table! After all, they do say that chocolate is an aphrodisiac!

    Fondue set, $59.95,