9 Instagram Accounts to Follow If You’re Vegan (Or Thinking About Becoming One)

rainbow vegan popsicles
Photo: juutlovesfood
Being vegan never looked so good.

Believe it or not, going vegan doesn't mean you have to eat salads every day—and these Instagram accounts prove it. Check out how these bona fide vegans eat everyday and you'll see that animal product-free meals can be just as varied, satisfying and photo-worthy as their non-vegan counterparts, if not more so.

Saskia Swanson (@voilasassi)

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The mom behind the blog Voila Vegan focuses on making nutritious and delicious meals for her daughter. These lentil-potato balls smothered in garam masala sauce taste (and look) just like your standard meatballs.

Emerson Cooks (@emerson_cooks)

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The Australia-based vegan definitely has a sweet tooth, but balances it out with plenty of green, hearty dishes too. Take this sandwich that's topped with tomato pesto, cherry jam and avocado for the perfect mix of salty and sweet.

Magda (@oatmeal_stories)

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The mom of two has one colorful feed full of fresh fruits, veggies, smoothies and more. She swapped bread for juicy slices of watermelon and topped it with fresh fruit for a refreshing take on toast.

Jutri (@juutlovesfood)

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Talk about #curated. From colorful popsicles to vibrant yogurt bowls, these antioxidant-packed recipes are truly Insta-worthy.

Corey Taylor (@thevegansix)

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Variety is everything for this mom of four. Her gram features everything from pizza and salad bowls, to waffles and ice cream sandwiches.

Kai Nora (@knfx)

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Kai is all about breakfast: pancakes, smoothies bowls, toast. You name it, she makes it.

Aria (@theyummyplant)

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Aria of The Yummy Plant knows how to put together one mean meal. This BBQ tempeh pizza has a similar texture and taste to meat, and the pineapple and cashew cream sauce really take the dish to the next level.

Rhiana (@rhianamygdala)

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The LA-based 'grammer is a self-taught baker who makes everything from cupcakes to donuts (including homemade sprinkles). A gluten-free, vegan sugar high? Count us in.

Remy (@veggiekins)

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This vegan New Yorker is all about food presentation. Seriously, she makes little star sprinkles out of avocado for her avocado toast. And, as you can see, cat-shaped riceballs.

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