7 Ways to Decorate with Wedding-Day Leftovers

wedding photo album
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The wedding is over. Now it’s just you, your spouse and, oh yes, the piles of leftover invitations, magazines and table decorations. But don’t haul out the storage boxes just yet! Check out these tips for turning your wedding leftovers into one-of-a-kind home décor.
  1. Wedding leftover: Your invitation/save the date

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    Home decor solution: Make some meaningful (and super gorgeous) wall art by framing your invitation and save the date card. A plain white frame will make them really pop. Think about using a box frame for extra depth (a great option if your invite has 3D elements like feathers). Hint: Go wild – almost anything can be framed, including your menus!

  2. Wedding leftover: Your bridal magazines

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    Home décor solution: Your hubby may not get it, but your wedding magazines are sacred (they helped you plan your big day after all)! Stack a bunch against a blank wall or in your bookshelves (with the spine facing outwards) to give a room instant personality. Play with heights by alternating the sizes of the piles (try a quirky ‘staircase’ effect) or by putting a vase or photo frame on top of your mags.

  3. Wedding leftover: Your wedding photos

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    Home décor solution: Okay, so these aren't technically a leftover, but why leave your (expensive) photos on a CD to gather dust? Make a gallery wall of your favorites! If you’re blushing at the thought of having your smoochy pictures on display, pick other moments and save these for the bedroom (ooh la la!). Include detail shots on your gallery wall – they’ll help tell your visual story. Hint: Not sure how to place your pictures? Tape your wall out first!
  4. Wedding leftover: Your decorations

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    Home décor solution: Flaunt your personal style by wedding-accessorizing your living space. Mount cute signs or prop them against a wall to add layers to a room. Treat your kitchen to some cool décor by reusing glassware to hold flowers, tea, sugar or even cutlery. Bookshelves need sprucing? Use those decorative wooden letters! Use the letters as bookends along with your table numbers (if they’re heavy enough). Letters and table numbers can also be used to add drama to your mantle, along with candelabras and any other leftover decorations such as sculptures.
  5. Wedding leftover: Foreign currency from your honeymoon

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    The home décor solution: Change up your décor by displaying foreign notes and coins. For cute-factor, go for milk bottles or glass jars. If you’re planning to use the currency for your next trip, deposit it in a glass piggy bank for a fun saving display. Get inspired by adding a label (Paris fund, anyone?). Hint: Use chalkboard labels for extra whimsy.  

  6. Wedding leftover: Your wedding shoes

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    Home décor solution: Forget stuffing them in a shoebox - show off your wedding shoes! Why not use a glass-fronted cabinet to display them (along with your other fab footwear)? Find one at a flea market and dress it up with some paint and varnish. For a pop of color, try wallpapering the back of the shelves. If your shoes are an extra special pair (the kind you want to sleep with under your pillow), put them in a glass bell jar for a statement home accessory.

  7. Wedding leftover: All the rest

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    Home décor solution: Stash the stuff you can’t bear to part with (your bride-to-be sleep mask is important memorabilia!) in a wedding treasure box.  Grab an inexpensive wooden trunk (ahh the beauty of thrift stores) and DIY-away! Finish it with white wash for a relaxed feel or break out the bold colors for an eye-catching effect. Your treasure trunk can also double as a coffee table!