What I Didn't Know Until I Was Married

Real couples dish on what they've learned about each other -- good and bad.

We asked members of TheNest.com community to share their biggest marriage surprises -- what they've learned since getting hitched and what they wish they'd known from the get-go. Here's what they had to say.

"He thought he was going to get a lot more action once we were married." -- KPavinich

"We thought we'd be together all the time after we got married, but we see each other less now than before." -- Joshandkristina1102

"Foreplay can be as simple as brushing our teeth. Easy breezy." -- ivyelle4101

"I wish I knew how many snacks he ate. His stomach takes up a lot of our grocery list!" -- blissed-out

"Don't ask what a 'Dutch oven' is. Just don't." -- billiepaul

"Your single friends have difficulty accepting that you can't go out with them late at night, dancing, drinking, and tempting fate." -- Lvalle

"How bad my husband actually snores and how much he enjoys doing the dishes. I figure they cancel each other out!" -- giaM28

"It's really so much about communication. As long as you tell each other what you are expecting or thinking, everything should be fine." -- surfsweet85

"No matter how many times you adamantly deny it, many family, friends, or random strangers think 'married' equals 'ready to have a child.'" -- alixzafiris

"My husband has never once purchased an item of clothing for himself. Apparently, this job was passed from his mother to me. Unless I wanted to walk around with a man wearing tapered jeans and a braided belt, we were taking a trip to Bloomies." -- springyfran

"If you are already committed and happen to cohabitate prior to marriage, it really is just a piece of paper and a new way to do your taxes." -- GypsyLou