Instant Expert: The Must-Have Microplane

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Find out the right way to use a microplane in the kitchen.microp

It's the one kitchen tool you're really not making the most of. Here are the must-have facts on your new go-to grater, the Microplane:

What it is: A handheld, stainless steel grater with superfine teeth that's commonly used to zest fruit without the hassle.

Why you need it: Not only is it great for adding lemon and lime zest to recipes; but you can finely grate spices and hard cheese, mince garlic and shave chocolate, too.

How to use it: Set up a cutting board or bowl under your Microplane to catch the food shavings, then hold the grater by the handle at a slight angle. (The smooth side should be facing up, with the sharp teeth facing the back.) Then, just hold the Microplane steady as you move the food down the blade. See? That wasn't hard.

How to clean it: It's microwave safe, but if you really want to get rid of those small bits of food, let your Microplane soak in soapy water for 15-20 minutes before scrubbing with a dish brush.

Where to find it: Sure, it's a kitchen must-have — but there's no need to spend more than twenty bucks on this tool. We love this soft-handle, colorful version found here.

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