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What Style Home Suits Your Family

home exterior
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Find the home that's made for you

Whether it's just the two of you, or your family is growing, finding the right home for your lifestyle can be challenging. Need help determining what style home will suit your needs? Work with a Realtor®, who will help you track down the perfect style house for you in your area. But just for fun, take our quiz to find out your style:

1. First things first, where do you want to sleep?


2. Which living room do you feel most at home in?

living rooms

3. Pick a fabric:


4. Your dream kitchen looks like…


5. How do you like to entertain?

entertaining photos

6. Choose your home's exterior:

home exteriors

7. What does your family look like?


8. Where do you want your next vacation to be?

travel destinations

9. What type of car suits your needs?


10. Choose a dream room that fits your lifestyle:

dream room interiors

11. What does your weekend look like?

various images


Mostly As: Colonial Saltbox

You lean toward the traditional when it comes to your home space and prefer more understated furniture pieces. Entertaining family and friends during the holidays is typically at your place, as you love to play hostess. A Colonial saltbox or would suit your needs and give you that classic New England feel.

colonial saltbox home

Mostly Bs: Midcentury Modern

You prefer clean lines but have a knack for design from the midcentury era, and pine for a classic Eames lounge chair in your living room corner. Look for a single-level midcentury home that has sleek wood floors and lots of windows, for a bright, forward-thinking space.

mid-century modern home

Mostly Cs: Mediterranean Manse

Your global tendencies reflect within your home through found objects from all of your travels. Preferring an eclectic style, a Mediterranean-esque home with stucco walls and carved wood details inside would give you the worldly interest you seek.

mediterranean home

Mostly Ds: Contemporary Casa

You require order and, some might say, control in your daily life, so a home with clean lines and a very minimalist vibe is an absolute must. Opt for a newly constructed contemporary home that's straightforward and doesn't overdo it with the details. Think: a stainless steel kitchen, concrete floors and windows with only right angles.

contemporary home exterior

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