What Your Sleeping Positions Say About Your Marriage

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Find out what your sleeping positions say about your marriage.

Research has shown that 1 in 4 couples admit to sleeping in separate beds, but for the ones who don't, the position you sleep in can say a lot about your relationship. For example, do you fall asleep cuddled up to your partner or are you both on opposite sides? A study revealed that 94% of those who spent the night in contact with each other were happy in their relationship, compared to only 68% of those who didn't touch.

According to another study from Travelodge and relationship psychologist Corinne Sweet, here are some of the most common sleeping positions for couples and what they mean:

Back-to-Back Without Touching– You're both secure with your relationship and independent enough to sleep separately.

Back-to-Back Touching– Common in new relationships, this position shows you're both relaxed and comfortable with each other.

Spooning– This is the most common position for couples during their first few years of marriage. The big spoon is taking on a protective stance, and the little spoon feels secure. It also shows a strong sexuality in the relationship.

Face-to-Face– There is a need for communication and contact in bed for couples who sleep in this position.

Face-to-Face and Legs Intertwined for 10 Minutes– If you cuddle up and then break apart before falling asleep, this routine still represents intimacy and love, regardless of the fact that you're not touching for the majority of the night.

Do you notice you and your partner sleeping in any of these positions? Do you think the meanings behind them in the study are pretty accurate? Tell us in a comment below!


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