Why I Love My Spouse Now (More Than When We Just Met)

Valentine's Day is fast-approaching and love is in the air. Here, real women dish on what happens when the honeymoon stage is over -- and why they're even more head over heels now.

Most relationships that turn into marriage start something like this: You meet, you date, butterflies ensue, and the next thing you know, you're gazing at a velvet box looking at a shiny diamond. Of course, there's a lot in between all that (at least we hope so!), but after the ring, it's hard not to wonder, What comes next?.Turns out, love after “I do" is even better than all those dating firsts (you know, first kiss, first “I love you," first...well, you get it). Here's what TheNest.com readers had to say about why they love their spouses even more now that they're hitched.

“There are two things I love my spouse more for now that we're married. The first is his sense of humor. He was a little shy when we first met, but now he can have me laughing all the time! The second: Turns out, he's an amazing cook! I totally lucked out." --*Mrs.Pal*

“I love that he loves his mom. At first, I thought this was a classic 'mama's boy' situation, but he just simply and truly adores her. This devotion is now a direct reflection of the way he treats me as his wife, and I treasure that!" --sozay23

“I absolutely trust my husband more than when we were first dating, but I've also seen, through my response when he had a serious health crisis, what my character is made of. His crisis brought out the best in me, and that has definitely made me appreciate our bond more." --MarriedWriter

“I'm more in love with him now because he has stuck by me through our rough times, and I know I can count on him when I need him." --ygmojica87

“He cleans on his days off!" --scwheal1

“The kind of love that came with marriage is far more intimate, far more intense, and far deeper than the love before I got married." --SweetSoul089

“I love that he's an amazing dad. He's just so patient with our baby, a characteristic I never noticed he had while we were dating!" --amiris