Why You Need a Statement Wall in Your Home RN

Watercolor the wall behind your bed for a dreamy, cloud-like look that will make your space feel extra cozy!
Photo: Homepolish
Statement-making style in a snap.

We're always on the hunt for simple design ideas that pack a punch—and the king of them all has to be the statement wall. No matter what kind of home or apartment you live in, a single show-stopping wall can completely transform your space, boost your mood or highlight a unique architectural detail—all without breaking the bank or embarking on a lengthy reno adventure.

The key to pulling it off? Two things: Be strategic, but don't hold back. Be picky when it comes to choosing a wall.Think about where your eye is drawn upon entering a room—this is always a good starting point. Fireplaces and alcoves make great feature walls, and walls without windows and doors will be easier to work with, especially if you plan to decorate with wallpaper.

Since a statement wall is intended to be the focal point of the room, keep the rest of the decor on the more mellow side. Choose complementary hues and patterns, and elevate the room's sense of drama through texture.

We found a handful of impactful ideas to suit every style and taste. Scroll on for 11 show-stopping walls that make major impact.

Painting the side of your stairs black adds a striking and super chic touch!

Photo via Adore Magazine

Now here's a novel idea: While most staircases are sandwiched between narrow hallways, this open-concept design is a style opportunity just waiting to be seized. With a coat of black paint and a bold piece of artwork, it transforms into a show-stopping backdrop for a contemporary seating space.

Watercolor the wall behind your bed for a dreamy, cloud-like look!

Photo via Homepolish

Introducing the bedroom of our dreams. Splashes of vibrant green watercolor enliven this sleeping space while delivering a healthy dose of zen vibes. The only thing missing are a few cozy throws and warm candlelight for a decidedly modern take on the hygge trend.

This commanding black and white motif really makes the space pop!

Photo via Julia Robbs/Domino

A commanding black and white motif steers this sitting room straight into ultra-modern territory. The wall dictates the rest of the decor, with a sleek rose gold lamp, streamlined side table and gray velvet couch playing up its futuristic aesthetic.

Colorblock your space with fun and vibrant wallpaper for a mid-century feel!

Photo via Murals Wallpaper

Need an extra nudge to get yourself up and into the office? This color block wall mural is all the inspo you need. The geometric design will get the creative juices flowing without distracting from your daily to-do list. As for its effect on your work-life balance, well, let's just say you might be tempted to pull a little over time.

Add a punch of sage or army green to a bathroom to give it a little edge and boho, laid back style!

Photo via Vintage Revivals

Making a statement doesn't have to mean going OTT. A sophisticated shade of sage green adds a punch of panache to this all-white bohemian bathroom, but keeps in line with its low-key style.

Geometric wood paneling adds a mid-century modern touch to this fabulous kitchen.

Photo via Residence Style

Murals and wallpaper aren't the only avenues to a scene-stealing wall. Wood paneling etched with a geometric design sets a cool tone for this light-filled room. Teamed with white tile and marble accents, the striking detail feels sophisticated.

Adding banana leaf wallpaper gives this boho living room an edgy, sophisticated feel.

Photo via @LEXNIKO/Domino

Statement walls allow you to get away with loud prints and color without totally throwing off the flow of your home. While not exactly what you'd call subtle, this banana leaf print comes off as edgy-yet-elegant when styled alongside modern furnishings and a muted color palette of ivory, cream, white and gold.

Take a leap and DIY stencil an accent wall–you won't regret it!

Photo via Design Sponge

Time consuming, yes. But worth it? 100%. Wall stenciling brings an element of drama and visual intrigue to an otherwise understated room. The hunter green paint pops against the white walls, while tying in seamlessly with the moss-colored linens and natural wood accents.

Add a totally unexpected pop of color to your kitchen and paint your island!

Photo via West Elm

Use paint to help define an open concept space without disrupting the flow. A moody blue-green color is used to make this petite kitchen and dining space feel distinct with almost zero effort.

Style your apartment with removable wallpaper and stop worrying about your landlord.

Photo via Livettes

Catering to your landlord and your style sensibilities can be tough. Removable wallpaper is the ultimate solution, allowing you to customize your space without compromising your deposit.

Shiplap and wood paneling are so in–stay on trend with a wood accent wall!

Photo via Domino

Use wood panels to create an inviting, rustic feel that is conducive to rest and relaxation. Mid-century furnishings and metallic details balance out the organic vibe, achieving a look that Frank Lloyd Wright or van der Rohe would approve of.