12 Wild Wallpaper Prints We Love

Although the inevitable cold weather is quickly approaching, we can't wait to bring the warmth inside with these unexpected prints. Between bright hues, whimsical prints and a touch of texture, these wallpaper picks are a unique way to bring personality to your wall space.

  1. Love Knots

    Photo by Photo: Anthropologie
  2. Vibrant Leaves

    Photo by Photo: Osborne & Little
    Osborne & Little, available through designers
  3. Cranesbill Castle

    Photo by Photo: Anthropologie
  4. Traditional Scrapwood

    Photo by Photo: Scrapwood Wallpaper
  5. Marrakesh Honey

    Photo by Photo: Urban Outfitters
  6. Robots

    Photo by Photo: Aimee Wilder
  7. Colored Scrapwood

    Photo by Photo: Scrapwood Wallpaper
  8. Peony

    Photo by Photo: Urban Outfitters
  9. Jellies

    Photo by Photo: Sarah LaVoie
  10. Brooklyn Toile

    Photo by Photo: Flavor Paper
    Flavor Paper $8 per square foot
  11. Indi

    Photo by Photo: Trove
  12. Madagascar

    Photo by Photo: Anthropologie
  13. ​(If you're really looking for some DIY inspiration, check out how one reader recreated the peony wallpaper over at The Bump!

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