12 Wild Wallpaper Prints We Love

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Photo: iStock

Although the inevitable cold weather is quickly approaching, we can't wait to bring the warmth inside with these unexpected prints. Between bright hues, whimsical prints and a touch of texture, these wallpaper picks are a unique way to bring personality to your wall space.

  1. Love Knots

    Photo by Photo: Anthropologie
  2. Vibrant Leaves

    Photo by Photo: Osborne & Little
    Osborne & Little, available through designers
  3. Cranesbill Castle

    Photo by Photo: Anthropologie
  4. Traditional Scrapwood

    Photo by Photo: Scrapwood Wallpaper
  5. Marrakesh Honey

    Photo by Photo: Urban Outfitters
  6. Robots

    Photo by Photo: Aimee Wilder
  7. Colored Scrapwood

    Photo by Photo: Scrapwood Wallpaper
  8. Peony

    Photo by Photo: Urban Outfitters
  9. Jellies

    Photo by Photo: Sarah LaVoie
  10. Brooklyn Toile

    Photo by Photo: Flavor Paper
    Flavor Paper $8 per square foot
  11. Indi

    Photo by Photo: Trove
  12. Madagascar

    Photo by Photo: Anthropologie
  13. ​(If you're really looking for some DIY inspiration, check out how one reader recreated the peony wallpaper over at The Bump!

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