Wine and Cheese Pairing Tips for Impressive Holiday Entertaining

cheese board
Photo: Meoimi Wines
The Cheese Twins have teamed up with Meoimi wines to help you prep the ultimate spread for any winter gathering.

Wine and cheese are staples of entertaining, but creating the perfect pairings can be a tricky task. Luckily, The Cheese Twins are here to help! Michael and Charlie Kalish are international authorities on cheese and they've selected their go-to bottle for entertaining and pairing. It's Meiomi Chardonnay, a rich, elegant medium-bodied wine. Check out their tips for how to create a tasty and crowd-pleasing cheese plate to go with it below.

cheese twins

Don't bite off more than you can chew.

Depending on how many wines you are serving, choose 4 to 6 cheeses for your cheese board. This will let everyone discover their favorite pairings, without becoming overwhelmed.

Dare to try unique cheeses, but keep a crowd pleaser on hand.

When in doubt, include a triple cream cheese like Four Fat Fowl St. Stephen – the style is familiar, the name is recognizable, and we've found that almost everyone loves a triple cream cheese.


Go beyond bread and baguettes!

Dried fruits, fresh fruit slices, and seasonal nuts can complement wine and cheese pairings and serve as “vehicles" for the cheese, too. Choose your fruit and nuts based on the flavor notes in the wines you've chosen, looking out for words like “citrus," “stone fruit" or nutty descriptors.

Enjoy cheese at room temperature.

Just as white and red wines have temperatures that enhance their own flavor profiles, cheese, too, has an ideal temperature. The flavors of cheese can be muted if they are served too cold, so it's best to remove from the refrigerator a few minutes before serving – 15 minutes should do.

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