18th Anniversary: Traditional Gift Ideas & More

Porcelain is the traditional material of the 18th anniversary. Here’s your complete guide to the 18th wedding anniversary!


  1. Porcelain vase: Have your wedding date and initials placed on the vase, and fill it with their favorite flowers.

  1. Porcelain shave set: He'll appreciate an old-fashioned shave set complete with razors and a porcelain bowl or cup.

  1. Mugs: His and hers mugs, ones printed with nicknames you have for each other or even comical ones, like a bow and a mustache, are a fun gift. You can even pair them with a new coffeemaker, like a Keurig.

  1. Ornament: Commemorate your 18th with a keepsake ornament.

  1. Porcelain frame: Frame your favorite photo, or a wedding photo, for a great memento.

  1. Candleholders: Celebrate by gifting porcelain candleholders. For an even bigger event, fix their favorite dinner (or order in!) and eat by candlelight.

  1. Jewelry box: With a little something extra inside it, perhaps?

  1. Fine dining set: Something heirloom-worthy would be super-appropriate!

  1. Serving platter: It'll spiff up your dining room table.

  1. Porcelain earrings: She'll love the sweet sentiment.

  1. Porcelain keepsake box: Have the box engraved and place another present, like tickets to a special event, inside.

  1. Cookware: If they love to cook, try gifting them with something special, like soufflé dishes or ramekins.

  1. Tea set: If they like tea, this is an easy way to incorporate porcelain.

  1. Porcelain enamel cookware or slow cooker: Who says you have to go with the literal meaning of porcelain?

  1. Ceramics class: For a fun twist, sign up for a ceramics class you can take together.

Did we miss any? We want to know your ideas! Leave a comment to add to our ultimate anniversary ideas list.

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