11th Anniversary: Traditional Gift Ideas and More

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Steel – which represents strength -- is the traditional materials of the eleventh anniversary. Diamond jewelry is a modern addition. Here are is your complete guide to the eleventh wedding anniversary.


  1. Steel jewelry: It doesn't have to be gold or platinum to be beautiful and valuable. Many stainless steel trinkets are just as lovely – and handmade, to boot.
  1. Steel drums: Travel to the Caribbean for some steel-drum fun.
  1. Car: If your significant other is itching for a new set of wheels, your eleventh anniversary is the perfect time.
  1. Bicycle: Some bikes are made of steel, so pick this up for your spouse if that other set of wheels just isn't in the cards this year.
  1. Steel Magnolias: One of the iconic chick flicks of our era.
  1. Stainless appliances: Upgrade the kitchen with fancy stainless appliances you can both enjoy.
  1. Stainless flatware: A new set of forks, knives and spoons are another great way to refresh your kitchen space.
  1. Flask: This is a very manly gift idea for a very manly dude; he'll love it.
  1. Ice bucket: Pick up a fancy new bucket and throw a party to remember.
  1. Candleholders:...or just stay home and enjoy your anniversary together.
  1. Coffee pot: Is your sweetie addicted to java? Get a thermal coffee pot – or even an old-fashioned percolator – this anniversary.
  1. Wine cooler: A mini fridge dedicated just to your wines is pretty brilliant.
  1. Handcuffs: This whole steel tradition is the perfect excuse to get a little naughty for your anniversary.
  1. Locket: Fill a steel locket with a cherished image.
  1. Watch: A handsome, stainless watch is a great gift for any occasion.
  1. Horseback riding: Horseshoes are made of steel, so go for a gallop together.
  1. Horseshoes set: …or just stay home and play horseshoes in the yard!
  1. Power or hand tools: Beef up his toolbox with some new toys.
  1. Swiss Army knife: Every boy dreams of owning one of these – and probably every man does, too.
  1. Sword: If he's into collecting relics, pick up a decorative sword with historical significance.
  1. Motorcycle: Is he a road warrior? Surprise him with a new hog!
  1. Breakfast in bed: Is your significant other more about gestures than objects? Serve breakfast in bed on a steel tray – with steel-cut oatmeal!
  1. Trip to the city: Whether it's New York, Chicago or any other big, industrial city, take a trip somewhere that big, steel building reign supreme.
  1. Cuff links: A man can never have too many.
  1. Superman: Stay in and watch a marathon of the Man of Steel together.
  1. Sculpture: For the art-loving spouse.
  1. Chopsticks: If your sweetie is a die-hard fan of sushi, pick up an extra special set of chopsticks.
  1. Wine opener: A sophisticated wine opener – paired with your spouse's favorite wine, of course – is an impressive anniversary gift.
  1. Business card case: A sleek steel business card holder is a great accessory.
  1. Skis or snowboard: Ready to hit the slopes. Get your significant other a new set of skis or a snowboard, which are made partially of steel (it counts!).

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