8th Anniversary: Traditional Gift Ideas and More

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Bronze – which represents beauty and durability – and pottery – indicative of nature and simplicity-- are the traditional materials of the eighth anniversary. Linen and lace are modern additions. Here is your complete guide to the eighth wedding anniversary.


  1. Bronze jewelry: Try a bronze ring, earrings or necklace engraved with your anniversary date.
  1. Bronze sculpture: If your significant other is an art lover, try a miniature bronze replica of a famous statue, such as Rodin's The Thinker or Michelangelo's David.
  1. Bronze plaque: Commemorate your love with an engraved plaque.
  1. Bronze home decor: Much Southwestern décor uses bronze, so if that's your spouse's style, this can be a great anniversary gift choice.
  1. Bronze picture frame: Fill it with a photo from your first vacation or a particularly romantic pre-marriage date night.
  1. Bronze yourselves: Jet off to a tropical island to bronze your skin in the sunshine (but don't forget your sunscreen!). Hey, it's your anniversary – and your interpretation!
  1. Bronze lamps: A beautiful touch for the bedroom.
  1. Bronzed baby shoes: If your husband never had his baby shoes bronzed, this would be an adorable gesture for your anniversary.
  1. Sword from the Bronze Age: Is he a history buff? Get him a replica of a sword or other memorabilia from the Bronze Age.
  1. Bronze garden statue: For someone who feels at home in the garden.
  1. Fire pit: Get cozy on a chilly anniversary evening.
  1. Bookends: A pair of bookends is a cute way to express how well you complement each other.
  1. Money clip: Have it engraved with your anniversary date.

Linen and Lace

  1. Oil painting: An oil painting – traditionally done on linen – is a simply gorgeous anniversary gift.
  1. Clothing: Linen pants – for a warm-weather vacation, perhaps?
  1. Irish linen: This type of linen, one of the finest in the world, is available through many online vendors.
  1. Linen paper: Write a love note on lovely linen.
  1. Linens: Luxurious new linens for the bed – what could be more sumptuous?
  1. Linen napkins: A great gift for a proud entertainer.
  1. Lacy lingerie: A little bit of lace, a lot of you know what!
  1. Lace tablecloth: A great way to make anniversary dinner an extra-special experience.
  1. Lace roses: Yes, they exist – and they're so chic!
  1. Vintage lace dress: For the fashion icon, something with a bit of history – just like your romance.
  1. Silk roses: Okay, it's not exactly linen, but it's close – and it's fantastic!
  1. Silk screened print: Pick up a fun, modern silk screened work of art for your anniversary.
  1. Silk covered notebook: For a spouse who loves to sketch and write, a silk-covered notebook is a posh gift.
  1. Silk robe: A luxurious robe is a great post-shower treat.
  1. Silk blindfolds: Get a little bit wild in the bedroom this anniversary night!
  1. Silk boxers: Another sexy touch.
  1. Silk tablecloth: Have a romantic dinner together with a silk tablecloth that represents eight years of devotion.

Did we miss any? We want to know your ideas! Leave a comment to add to our ultimate anniversary ideas list.

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