7th Anniversary: Traditional Gift Ideas and More

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Wool – which represents warmth and renewal – and copper – indicative of beauty and durability -- are the traditional materials of the seventh anniversary. Here are is your complete guide to the seventh wedding anniversary.


  1. Sweater: Pick up a warm, chunky sweater or a silky smooth cashmere version.
  1. Coat: A new wool coat is chic gift for you or him.
  1. Throw: Snuggle up together under a cozy blanket.
  1. Rug: A brand new kilim or dhurrie will add instant warmth and style to your shared space.
  1. Scarf: Keep him cozy and comfy all winter long with an irresistible cashmere scarf.
  1. Robe: A pair of cashmere robe right after a long, steamy shower together? Perfection.
  1. Hat: Whether his style is a knit ski hat or an old fashioned newsboy cap, wool is the best material by far.
  1. Slippers: Sheepskin slippers are just what his bare feet need (and yours!).
  1. Trip to New Zealand: It's not just an exotic retreat full of outdoor adventure; it's also well-known for its prolific wool production.
  1. Ski trip: What better place to bundle up in wool than atop the slopes?
  1. Wool roses: They come in just about any material, and wool is no exception.
  1. Wool purse: A great, winter-chic accessory.
  1. Sheepskin boots or coat: Whether it's Uggs or a toasty sheepskin coat, this material is a hit for the seventh anniversary.
  1. Sheepskin car seat covers: Baby the car with a luxurious sheepskin cover.
  1. Wool tie: He'll look dapper in a handsome wool necktie – or bow tie!


  1. Copper Mountain ski resort: Back up your skis and snowboards and head out to Colorado for an anniversary weekend on the slopes (or in the cabin!).
  1. Visit Coppertown USA: Love to learn together? Head to Michigan to learn all about the history of copper mining.
  1. Copper jewelry: Hammered copper is gorgeous when made into bracelets, pendants and even rings.
  1. Trip to the Statue of Liberty in NYC: Lady Liberty is green because of the patina of the material she's made of: copper. Take a trip to New York to see her up close – and even go inside.
  1. Throw pennies in a fountain: A sweet, carefree way to spend your anniversary: take a stroll, throw pennies into a fountain – and don't forget to make a wish!
  1. Copper vase: Present a gorgeous bouquet in an even more gorgeous hammered-copper vase.
  1. Copper cookware: A true gourmet will appreciate the sophisticated qualities of copper cookware.
  1. Copper pocket watch: Does he love old-fashioned objects? Shop around for a copper watch that he can carry around and think of you.
  1. Trip to Copper Canyon, Mexico: Visit six breathtaking canyons (in many places, deeper than the Grand Canyon) in Chihuahua, Mexico – then head further south for some fun in the sun.
  1. Fire pit: A rustic firepit is something you can both enjoy on chilly nights.
  1. Copper tea kettle: This beautiful kitchen addition is great for chilly nights spent curled up on the couch.
  1. Pennies from Heaven: Into watching old movies together? This Bing Crosby classic is sure to please.
  1. Lucky pennies: Either bestow a lucky penny as a keychain or mount it into a picture frame holding a treasured photo of you two.
  1. Engraved copper medallion: Have a commemorative coin created to honor your special day. Include it in a gift basket with some of your favorite things from that year: movies that debuted, a copy of the newspaper from the day you were married, and even one of the favors from your wedding.
  1. Copper wind chimes: Something to enjoy while sipping cocktails on the porch!

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