12th Anniversary: Traditional Gift Ideas and More

Silk and linen -- which represent luxury and comfort -- are the traditional materials of the 12th wedding anniversary. Pearls are another gift option. Here’s your complete guide to the 12th wedding anniversary!


  1. Lingerie: This will set the scene for an unforgettable 12th anniversary, that's for sure.

  1. Silk pajamas: These are the ultimate in luxury, and you both deserve the pampering.

  1. Silk sheets: Bring a layer of opulence to the boudoir.

  1. Silk duvet cover: Amp up the luxe factor even further.

  1. Silk sleeping bag: How about an anniversary camping excursion? A silk sleeping bag should make roughing it a bit cozier.

  1. Silk blindfolds: Get naughty in style.

  1. Silk handcuffs and restraints: These can ignite quite the spark in the bedroom!

  1. Silk boxers: So maybe they're a bit cliche, but we still love 'em.

  1. Silk-covered photo album: Fill it with pics of your many years together for the ideal trip down memory lane.

  1. Silk tie: He may not want a tie as a gift, but if it's made of silk, we're pretty sure he'll change his mind.

  1. Silk scarf: Let her know you love her and you love her style too!

  1. Silk roses: An arrangement of silk flowers is classy and romantic.

  1. Silk purse: A girl needs to stash in style.

  1. Silk sweaters: Can you say comfy and chic?

  1. Monogrammed silk handkerchiefs: For an old-fashioned, dapper kind of gift.

  1. Silk wall hanging: Get something stylish you can both enjoy. Keep an eye out for opulent Thai silk.

  1. Silk jewelry bag or silk-lined jewelry box: Filled with an amazing bauble, of course.

  1. Silk Road tour: A tour of the silk trade routes in Asia is an extravagant way to celebrate your big day. If you've got the funds, go for it!

  1. Silk long johns: Pair these with a super-fun ski trip so you two have an excuse to wear them!


  1. Linen robe: Something soft to wrap up in after a steamy shower together.

  1. Fancy table linens: A great backdrop for a lovingly made anniversary dinner.

  1. Linen bedding: Crisp and luxurious -- and one more excuse to stay in bed.

  1. Linen clothing: Couple this with a few tickets to a tropical destination and you can't go wrong.

  1. Linen purse: For the handbag enthusiast, check out Etsy.com for a great selection of handmade linen purses.

  1. Linen tea chest: A chest full of exotic teas is a great way to cap off a delectable anniversary meal.


  1. Pearl jewelry: Every woman needs a classic string of pearls.

  1. Oysters: The ultimate aphrodisiac!

  1. Mother of pearl home accessories: Jewelry boxes and trays make sophisticated presents.

  1. Trip to Pearl Harbor: A visit to Pearl Harbor in Honolulu makes a great historical vacation.

  1. Trip to Oyster Bay: Whether it's Oyster Bay, New York, or all the way to Oyster Bay in South Africa, a trip to a locale with “Oyster" in the name

Did we miss any? We want to know your ideas! Leave a comment to add to our ultimate anniversary ideas list.

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