Massage Tips for Two

What better way to amp up your sex life than by giving each other an expert (at-home) massage? Here are seven steps to the best massage you'll ever give -- and receive. The best part: This couples spa treatment is totally free!

Step 1: With your partner lying on their stomach, warm your hands by rubbing them together. Place them on your partner -- one hand on the upper back, one on the lower. Leave your hands there for a long moment; this starts your spouse on the path to total relaxation.

Step 2: Rub a small amount of oil between your hands to make it warm. Slowly rub your hands up and down your partner's whole backside, first kneading down, and then all the way back up, and leading with the fleshy base of your hand. Repeat a few times until you feel their muscles relax.

Step 3: Continue down to the legs with long, slow strokes. Don't forget the feet! Spend time gently rubbing their soles, starting with the heels and moving downward and outward to the balls of the feet. Gently tug on the toes.

Step 4: Move up to the arms. Use some palm circling on their upper arm and forearm muscles; then use your thumbs to massage the heels of your spouse's hands. Gently rub the webbing between each finger to release stress.

Step 5: Ask your spouse to flip over, and standing behind their head, massage their shoulder muscles with a kneading motion. Once you feel them loosen up, go in a little deeper where you feel knots.

Step 6: You can't end a massage without a deluxe head-rub. Anyone who's gotten a scalp massage at a hair salon knows how great it feels. Using your fingertips, make small circles on the front of the scalp, moving outward behind the ears and down to the nape of the neck. To finish, gently scratch your partner's head from front to back.

Step 7: Bring your spouse a glass of water (to release toxins) and let them unwind for five minutes. But don't let them get too's your turn now!

Nestperts: Kenneth Ray Stubbs, PhD; Anne Hooper, author of Anne Hooper's Great Sex Guide; Tracey Cox, author of Hot Sex

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