10th Anniversary: Traditional Gift Ideas and More

Tin and aluminum – which represent of durability and flexibility-- are the traditional materials of the tenth anniversary. Diamond jewelry is a modern addition. Here are is your complete guide to the tenth wedding anniversary.


  1. Martini shakers: You made it this far, so shake things up for your tenth anniversary!

  1. Hammered tin jewelry: A beautiful, funky gift for a beautiful spouse with funky style.

  1. Tin cufflinks: An unexpected material for cufflinks, but still very debonair.

  1. Trip to the World of Coca Cola: Head to Atlanta to see where this all-American soft drink got its start, filled with tons of treats and attractions.

  1. The Wizard of Oz: Who doesn't have a soft spot for this classic? Watch it together and take a stroll down the Yellow Brick Road…we mean, memory lane!

  1. A six-pack: Just kidding – how about tickets to a sports event, where he's really likely to enjoy that beer!

  1. A tin of popcorn: Try an assortment of yummy popcorns – from caramel to cheese – and settle in for a super romantic movie night.

  1. A tin of chocolates: Skip the traditional box in favor of tin.

  1. Jewelry tin: Hide a gorgeous bauble inside a simple tin for a welcome anniversary surprise.

  1. Gift bucket: Fill a tin bucket with all of your spouse's favorite little things: Snacks, books, DVDs, and odds and ends.

  1. Tin foil: Wrap up your gift of choice in alum

  1. Antique tin toys: Hit a flea market to find these cute collectibles.


  1. Martini shakers: Shake (or stir) up a surprise this anniversary.

  1. Brushed aluminum fixtures: Beauty the bathroom – then take a long bubble bath together.

  1. Aluminum briefcase or portfolio: A sturdy briefcase made of aluminum has a sophisticated, modern appeal.

  1. Aluminum kitchen gadgets: Does your spouse like to tinker in the kitchen? Get him some new toys.

  1. Whipped cream dispenser: We're not telling you where to put the whipped cream, of course…

  1. Bicycle: Many bike frames are made of aluminum, so take advantage of your tenth anniversary to buy a new set of wheels for your sweetie.

  1. iPod: This one's a no-brainer – and it's made of aluminum!

  1. Custom sign: How about something cool – or hilarious – for his man cave?

  1. Cookware: Aluminum pots and pans are a treat for a cooking enthusiast.

  1. Aluminum foil: Wrap up your gift of choice in aluminum foil instead of plain old wrapping paper.

  1. Fishing boat: Many small fishing boats are made of aluminum.

  1. Fishing rod: Can't afford to buy a boat? Rent one and embark on a fishing expedition for two.

  1. Appliances: Whether a major or countertop appliances, it'll definitely go to great use.

  1. Sports equipment: For a sports nut, a new baseball bat or hockey sticks makes for a very useful gift.

  1. Custom street sign: Have a cute, decorative street sign design as a dedication to your significant other.

  1. Grill: Does your sweetie love to barbecue? Get him a brand new grill to master!

  1. Grilling tools: These are a great complement to his brand new anniversary grill.


  1. Diamond jewelry: Need we say more?

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