The Best 5 Sports for Couples

couple shaking hands over tennis net
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Sharing a hobby, especially one that gets you both moving, is a great way to strengthen your bond. (And you don’t necessarily have to be on the same team to reap the benefits.) From creating the opportunity for a long-needed conversation to giving you an outlet for your aggression, these sports can work wonders for your relationship.
  1. Golf

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    Once a country club sport played by the Muffys and Charles IIIs of the world, golf has spread to the masses -- perhaps thanks to a host of superstar golfers from less “pure-bred” backgrounds, a juicy tabloid scandal courtesy of T. Woods and the growing number of public courses. And really, it’s the perfect sport -- for everyone. There’s no better excuse to drink beer and sunbathe, all while feeling like you’re actually doing something productive. Feeling lazy? That's what caddies and carts are for. And there’s a reason why so many business deals are brokered on the course: It may not require a lot of effort, but it does take up time -- which makes it perfect for couples looking to fit in “us time.” Coincidentally, it also provides the perfect platform for bringing up topics your partner normally tries to avoid (like visiting your parents...for a week).

  2. Tennis

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    Well, you can’t play by yourself, so by definition, this is a couple’s sport. But the real beauty of tennis is that it’s one of the best (and cheapest) forms of therapy out there. When else can you let out any lingering frustrations (over the wet towels he leaves on the bed, or her inability to understand the importance of being ready in 10 minutes, perhaps?) by smacking a ball as hard as you can directly at your partner? It doesn’t get much more cathartic than that! Trust us; whipping a ball at each other is far more productive than a session with a Dr. Phil wannabe any day. Plus, tennis happens to be an incredibly social sport, so once you tire of working out your issues set after set, invite your sporty couple friends to join you for some mixed doubles. ’Cause let’s face it: There’s no better way to bond than by kicking that perfect couple’s asses on the court.
  3. Kayaking

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    Kayaking is all about teamwork -- you gotta paddle together to get where you want to go. And for those of you who aren’t exactly on the same page lately, there’s no better way to get back on the right track. Think about it: You’re stuck out on the open water just a few feet apart, and if you don’t work together, you’re not going to go anywhere, except maybe into the water. And if your partner is really pissing you off, you can always just tilt into an Eskimo roll and teach them a lesson with a nice surprise dunk.

  4. Bowling

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    We’re not really sure if bowling can actually be called a sport, but hey, there are balls and uniforms involved, so we’re counting it. And for lazy couples, there’s truly no better activity out there. You don’t need to possess any athletic ability whatsoever -- in fact, judging by The Big Lebowski, the more out of shape you are, the more potential you may have. Other reasons duos love it: You can hydrate with beer instead of water, it’s perfectly acceptable to high-five after nailing a strike, and it’s a great excuse to give each other cheesy nicknames and sport matching retro bowling shirts with said nicknames plastered to your backs. Now, if that’s not a true bonding experience, we don’t know what is.

  5. Skiing

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    Snowsuits, hot tubs and hot toddies, plus a really romantic mountain setting -- does it get any better than that? And we challenge you to find a sexier sport. Chasing each other down powdery slopes can make for some exciting foreplay, especially if you’re sporting hot little ski-bunny suits. And carving turns down the mountain is the perfect way to warm up for some sexy hip swiveling off the mountain. But let’s be serious: The best part of skiing is the apres-ski, which is all about cocktails, socializing and soaking up some sun, making it the perfect winter date, er, sport.