3 Fashion Bloggers Share Their Home Organizing Tips

3 fashion bloggers share their best home organizing tips.

Seeking new ways to keep your home stylish yet organized? We are too so we sought out the expert advise from three top fashion and design bloggers for their secrets to keeping a space in tip-top shape. Here, see what Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily, Jennifer Jones of iHeart Organizing and Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom have to say:

black and white room

1. Choose a Color Scheme

“I can be very bold with my fashion choices and love to make a statement. The same concept is used in my home--I chose a color scheme of black and white, with bold pops of gold. Metallics are very “in" right now and I love adding fabulous gold accents in different textures to give the room some flair," says Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily.

color blocking

2. Colorblock Your Space

"Arranging your shelves doesn't have to be daunting. I love colorblocking as a solution. Group pieces together by color for a look that's both chic and purposeful," says Blair of Design Mom.

drawer organizers

3. Add Happiness

"Begin by selecting a beautiful storage piece (Jones found hers for less than $50 at HomeGoods) and add special touches that will keep you motivated throughout the work day. Line desk drawers with decorative gift wrap for a happy surprise each time you reach for a pen," says Jones of iHeart Organizing.

4. Use Acrylic Organizers

In addition to making your work space bright and cheery, Jones suggests using clear acrylic organizers. "They keep miscellaneous supplies visible and it saves you time from rummaging around," says Jones.

desk inspiraiton

5. Stay Inspired

Bring in items with personal attachment and meaning, such as your favorite Instagram moments which can be pinned up alongside your daily "to do" list on the memo board above your desk.

mirrored yellow room

6. Utilize Mirrors

Living in a small space? Sulmers has a solution for that: "Use mirrors to open up a room. I like to mix it up and use a combo of mounted mirrors and floor length. You can also incorporate them in unexpected ways like a mirrored side table or dresser

wood dresser

7. Incorporate Your Past

"Your home is representative of who you are, so I always incorporate little reminders of where I've been and things that are important to me. I love to display things collected during my travels as well as chic wall art that serves as a little reminder," says Sulmers.


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