6 Marriage Tips From Our Fave Bachelor Nation Couple

Photo: Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase / Lauren Stohlman of Julia Lauren Photography
Sean and Catherine Lowe share how they maintain their #couplegoals status.

Sean and Catherine Lowe are serious #couplegoals. The two met on the 17th season of The Bachelor and just celebrated their three year wedding anniversary (and had a baby!). Not only is their relationship on par, but they're also the definition of a power couple. Sean's real estate investment company, Catherine's stationery company and their joint furniture line with Wayfair are just a few of their business ventures. So how do they do it all and still manage to be completely smitten with one another? They sat down with us to dish on how they keep the spark alive.

Listen to older couples. “Every married couple tells engaged couples that it will be hard work," Sean says, “Listen to those old married couples because it can be difficult. But, in the end, the work is totally worth it."

Don't sweat the small stuff. “The biggest challenge [for me] was that Catherine is messy, because I'm neat," says Sean. “I'd like to think that geniuses in the world are not neat," jokes Catherine. A great way to tackle this issue? Set up a simple chore schedule to bring peace of mind.

Take trips together (with and without your children). “We took a trip just the two of us to Hawaii. We weren't there for work and we just explored the island and had fun together—that was the highlight in the first three years," Sean says. With that in mind, taking family trips (even just a little staycation!) is also a great option for a change of scenery. “We just did a quick staycation at The Adolphus Hotel in Dallas thanks to the Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase. We took [our son] Samuel to play in the pool and ordered room service and had a lot of fun," Catherine says.

Understand each other's intentions. The key to Sean and Catherine's enviable relationship? Communication. “We get so caught up in a [bad] moment like, 'He didn't understand me and didn't care about it,' But that isn't always the case. You have to look past that moment and see that they love you and at that moment that wasn't their intention. When you realize that, things will go so much smoother," Catherine says.

Assign roles (and be willing to break them). As new parents, Catherine and Sean had a lot of schedule tweaking to do. “In the beginning it was very hard [to figure out] what needed to be done with Samuel and who took what role. We have the roles down now, but we are always willing to help [each other] out. I do a lot of the laundry and Sean is doing diapers and wakes up to get him in the middle of the night and morning," Catherine says.

Make time for yourself. “I try to get an hour and half in the gym every day. It gives me a chance to reset," Sean says.“When Sean goes to the gym and takes Samuel to daycare I get an hour to work, but I also love getting massages. There are so many reflexology places near us and it can just be 30 minutes to just unwind," Catherine says.

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